Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So for those of you who don't already know, we are currently living in Atlanta, GA!  The weather has been nice so far, a little rainy every know and than but not too hot yet!  We are still working for APX and hope this summer goes as well as summers in the past.  We will be here in the south until the end of August.  Well Brent will be, but since I have a job now in Utah, I will be going back at the beginning of August.  

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I got a job teaching Kindergarten at Pony Express Elementary in Eagle Mountain!!!! I can not wait to start!  I will post more details and everything when I get a chance and when I know more!  This was my first choice in schools and grade so I am pretty happy right now.  I hope to post updates of our summer soon with pics, but we are doing fine right now!  

Also, we are having fun having my sister Athena and her fiance, Matt here.  It is fun to spend some time with them!