Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where I have been!

This is kinda random but here it is anyways!  These are the states I have been too and several of them I have actually lived in.  Brent has also been to Hawaii and a couple other places that I have not been too!  Enjoy! 

visited 30 states (60%)
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My sister Athena

For those of you who don't know, my sister Athena joined the Army National Guard.  She has been at basic training and AIT ALL summer long!  Actually she is still there at Fort Leonardwood (sorry I don't know how to spell it) until November.  Here is a picture of her at her basic training graduation.  Isn't she cute?!?! She is the one on the right.  The other girl is one of her battle buddies.  

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Strike's 1st Birthday!

Jack is not too happy about the party hat.  This is the only picture of him facing the camera!

We kept trying to line the three up to take a picture of them, but they wouldn't stay long enough for us to get a picture! Jack is the dog in front and Rico and Strike are sitting next to each other.  

They decided to try and help each other get the party hats off!  Teamwork gets the hat off faster!

This is the closest we ever got to getting a picture of the three of them in a line.  Rico is standing in front of Strike!  Yes, all three are Yorkies.  Rico lives next door to us and Strike lives the next house over.  

This last thing is a video of Jack trying to get his party hat off.  This was before the party started!  

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Office Girls...And Ben!

As most of you know, during the summer I work in the office doing paperwork and scheduling and everything else!  Well this summer I got to work with some awesome people!  (Not that you girls in the past haven't been fun...I just don't have any pics of us all together!)  It is nice to be able to work while Brent is working as well.  It keeps the summers from being too boring!  

Ben was wonderful enough to take us all out to lunch before we started leaving to go home at the end of the summer.  We went to Red Robin and it was a blast!!! 

From Left to Right - Ben, Jenny, Bre, Amber, me, and Paula

The Day Angela Went to Work With Brent

I am going back in time just a little bit, but on August 9, I went knocking with Brent.  It was the day before Jack and I flew back to Utah.  Brent has been trying to get me to go knocking with him for the last four summers.  Sometimes I was too busy with work, the guys were working too far away, or (let's be honest) sometimes I just didn't want to go!  So finally I went.  

I knocked with Brent for about 3 or so hours.  My experience was not Brent's typical day at work.  We got two sales really quick.  One was a call back and one was someone we met.  However, we were in houses three times.  Nobody was rude or mean to us, which is not normal!  Sometimes these guys run into people that are terribly mean to them all day long!  Anyways, here are some pictures that were taken that day!  

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Labor Day Fun

Ok, so I know there is a ton of things I haven't blogged about but want to.  However, instead of just doing old things, I figured I would add some more recent fun that we have had!  (Even though it was about two weeks ago still!)  Eventually maybe we will be totally caught up with posting everything!  

On Labor Day, we went to our friends' house, Cheryl and Spencer.  We enjoyed delicious BBQ and had tons of fun just catching up with everyone.  Then the fun really started when we started playing Rockband!  The following is some pictures from this adventure.  Now remember neither Brent nor I had ever played Rockband so we had to concentrate pretty hard when it was our turn!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ben's Birthday (July 6) Part II - The Surprise Party

Everyone else continued on, after we went home.  We all got back together, and more of us came, for Ben's surprise party that Annie did an excellent job arranging.   We did a really good job keeping it a secret!  Ben was so surprised!  Here are some pictures from it.  

Ben is opening his presents! 

We all chipped in and got Ben a Playstation 3 and a game.  He loved the presents! 

Below are pictures of some of the guest at the party!

Matt and Steve just relaxing. 

Hangin' out on the couch are Devin, Emily, and Joe

Annie, the wonderful surprise party planner!  You did a wonderful job!

People just hanging out at the party.  There were quite a lot of people there.  Ben is one important person in our office!  

Overall I think Ben had a great time at his party!  We all had fun!

Ben's Birthday (July 6) Part I - Loch Raven Reservoir

Hello Everyone!  This time I have a really good excuse for not updating so much sooner!  I was without the computer for three weeks!!! Brent was still out East working and I flew back to Utah to get ready for this semester.  Then when Brent got back with the laptop, we were already in school!!! Jack just woke me up at 7:00 am to go to the bathroom and we don't have to be up for at least another two hours!  I figured I would use this time to add to my blog.  There is stuff from before the sixth that I want to add but I figure I should stay with the progression I have already started!  One day I will get back to the other stuff!

So I know Ben will kill me if he sees this, but oh well Ben! Ben's birthday is actually on July 5th, but we were under strict orders not to celebrate it on his birthday.....Ben forgot that he never said anything about not celebrating it on the day after his birthday!  He already had sworn several of us to secrecy on even the date of his birthday....it wasn't me that told!  

After church, several of us went to Loch Raven Reservoir.  It looked like it was going to rain, but we decided to venture out anyways.  Brent and I still were watching Rico, so we decided to take both Rico and Jack with us.  They love to be outside!  We were thinking that we would pull up to the lake and be right there.  We were picturing an open area with picnic tables and the such.  However, this is not the part of the Reservoir that we were going to.  We hiked in, and it was beautiful, and we kept hiking.  We were about halfway where we thought we needed to be when it started down pouring!  The rain was so cold!  We decided to continue on.  We stood under the trees for awhile waiting for the rain to slow down.  Than we turn around to start climbing the mountain behind us.  (They wanted to go cliff diving).  We started following, but it was really muddy and it was rather difficult with the two dogs.  We decided that we needed to turn around and go back.  It was nice having a walk with just Brent and I and the two dogs!  

This picture is of us when we first got on the bridge and started to cross it.  Jack was having so much fun!

Look how huge this place is!  The other side is just as big only it is more open.

Jack and Angela on the bridge! 

It got so dark right before it started to pour! This is from the other side of the bridge.  You can see it goes way back.  

This is some of the guys that came with us.  They are all techs that we worked with this summer.  (Left to Right) Matt S., Dusty, Ben, Joe, and Brady.