Saturday, November 2, 2013

Jack's Surgery

Jack had surgery on his back left knee yesterday. The surgery went well and he got to come home today. He ruptured his left cranial cruciate ligament (similar to a human ACL). Instead of being torn, it was completely separated. Jack is resting but a little uncomfortable. It will take a few months for his recovery and they said he will regain 75-80% of his normal function. Right now he has a soft blue cast on the leg that will be removed in 3-5 days. He hurt his leg about two weeks ago trying to jump into the car. The surgeon said that it may have caused it or it could have been the final straw for it to break. This is a common degenerative thing. If it was already deteriorating, he could have just been walking and it could go out. This would mean the other one is likely to go out in the next couple of years. If that is not the case, then it might have been how he landed. Hopefully he will continue to improve! Here are some pictures of our little doggie. 

Leaving the doctor. 

It's hard to get comfortable!!

Finally comfortable!