Friday, October 24, 2008

Jack's Winter Coats!

I know I haven't added anything for awhile.  We have been busy with school and going to Disney World (those pictures are coming in a later post)  Anyways, we got a new laptop and it has most of the new pictures on it and Brent currently has that computer.  So I am doing a post with pictures from two weeks ago!  

Jack got his hair cut two weeks ago.  The day he got his hair cut, the temperature dropped and it got really windy!  Jack was SOOOO cold we decided we needed to do something about it!  We went and bought him a sweatshirt to wear in the house, a jacket and a winter coat!  Here are some cute pictures!   At first he didn't like wearing the coats, but he understands now.  Sometimes when he gets cold, he will walk over to wear we keep his sweatshirt and will pull it down and whine until we put it on him!  He is so smart!!!

Daddy and Jack wearing their matching coats!  This is actually Jack's jacket.  It is sleeveless.  

Aren't they cute!  They took a nap on the love sac.  This is Jack's sweatshirt.  It has a hood too.  Sometimes it will fall down when he is walking or playing and he will just stop and wait until we come an uncover his eyes!  On the back it says Harley Davidson.  

These two pictures are of Jack in his coat.  This is the one he likes the least because he only wears it when it is REALLY cold.  It has sleeves to cover all four legs.  We have taken off the back ones for now, until it snows.  If we are carrying him and he is wearing this coat with the hood on his head, from the back it looks like we are carrying a baby!!! 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wedding Receptions

In the last few weeks Brent and I have gone to a few wedding receptions....Here are a couple of pictures from those! 

This is from Diana and Steve Pyper's reception and the one below is from Bre and Brian Woods' wedding reception.  

Monday, October 6, 2008

Conference Weekend!

This weekend was nice and relaxing.  We were able to watch every conference session at home, well Brent had to go to a building to see the Priesthood session.  It was nice to hear from the Prophet and apostles.  It was uplifting to hear what was said.  

Jack, however, did not enjoy this weekend too much.  It rained and rained this whole weekend.  Jack does NOT like the rain!!! Not only was it raining, but it was also pretty cold!  At first, he would only venture out into the cold drizzle to pee for just a second.  He looked sad and stayed under the covered little front patio.  By the end of the day, Jack couldn't take not going on a walk, nor could he hold his pee any longer!! So we ventured out on a little walk. I stayed under an umbrella but Jack did not.  He was so excited to be out of the house that he just wanted to run and use the bathroom!  It was the same again on Sunday, but since it wasn't raining as hard, he went out more often.  He was so bored this weekend he started to rip up his favorite toy, froggy!  

We also got a Wii this past weekend.  We got it on Friday night when our friends Cam and Emily came over.  This was a nice break during the conference sessions.  We were getting a little stir crazy too!  With the rain, it also cooled down the temperature too.  I think fall is here for good.  

Our Mississippi Boat Ride!

When I was in St. Louis, before we went to the top of the arch, we went on a riverboat "cruise" along the Mississippi. It was very relaxing and cool to hear about some of the history along that part of the Mississippi. Here is a little slide show of some of the pictures we took.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

St Louis Arch

We are going to take a trip back in time... In July, I was able to go and visit my family in St. Louis, MO and than we went to Arkansas. Brent had to work, so I went by myself. I thought I would start putting pictures on here from that trip. So to start with, I am going to put up a few of the pictures we took while at the St. Louis Arch. I went with my sister Asha and her husband Grant. We were going to go on Friday and showed up there but the lines were WAY too long for us to get through before we had to be at the temple for an endowment session. So, we decided to come back after my cousin Emily's wedding, the next day. 

Asha and Grant in front of the Arch.  

Asha and I in front of the arch. Aren't we so cute!!

From the side, it kinda looks like the Washington Monument, only taller!

We also went up to the top of the Arch.  Here are a few pictures of that! 

This is the tiny cart that you go to the top in.  Yes, it is smaller than it looks.  It holds five people and it is only about three feet tall or so.  You have to be careful cause you hit your head if you aren't!  
Here is Asha and Grant at the top.  Sorry it is a little blurry.  The arch slightly sways when it is windy when you are at the top.  It isn't really noticeable at all.  

Asha and I at the top of the arch, and yes we are really 630 feet high!!! Here is a slide show of some of the pictures I took from the top of the arch!