Monday, June 20, 2011

My First Car Wreck

So for those of you that didn't hear about it, just over a month ago I was in a car wreck on I-15. I was driving to work on a rainy Thursday morning. I was almost to the Pioneer Crossing exit, which was the exit I needed, when all of a sudden I started to hydro-plane. I started fishtailing before slamming into the concrete barrier that was on the yellow line on the right side (I-15 is under construction). Coming off the barrier, the car went up on two wheels before slamming back down and doing a full 360. I than fish-tailed again and slammed a second time into the barrier. The car hit both times on the passenger side of the car, thank goodness I was by myself. I also got lucky that I didn't hit ANY other cars during this whole ordeal. When I finally came to a stop in the far right lane, because as I said before there was no shoulder, I was beyond freaking out. I was hysterical and now afraid that someone was going to smash into me from behind. I got lucky that a construction worker happened to see the very end of the accident and called his safety person who than called 911. I couldn't think straight and didn't even think to call 911. I called Brent who was still asleep. Being hysterical freaked Brent out because he could do nothing about it because he was in St. Louis. A very nice cop on his way home, pulled up behind and turned on his lights so that no one would hit me. He determined my car was undrivable and stayed until the highway patrol got there. Ironically enough, the officer handling the accident was the father of one of the students I taught last year. After everything was taken care of, I decided it would be best NOT to go to work seeing as how I was still freaking out. The cop drove me home in a cop car while my car got towed away. I only had slight whiplash that went away. But let's just say that it hurts worse the second and third day than the first. After over a month of being in the shop, the car is now finished being fixed. I am flying back to pick it up in July because I am already going back for my friend Cindy's wedding. Below are the pictures of the damage done to the car. There was also a little damage on the roof.

Both passenger side tires had gashes about 1 to 2 feet in length.

It popped the speaker up on the passenger side of the dashboard.

NOT fun.

Asha's New Diaper bag

So my sister Asha had this great idea to make a diaper bag out of her husband's old military shirts. She cut everything out and I sewed it all together. I think it turned out awesome and the bag is huge!

This first picture shows the inside of the bag. You can see the bottle pockets on both sides on the inside (and they are on both sides on the outside as well).

The back of the bag.

The next two pictures are of the front of the bag.

I has been forever!

So a lot has happened since I last posted, obviously! So I am hoping to do several posts over the next few weeks but they will be in random order...just so you know :) Also, in case you haven't heard, we are living in St. Louis this summer.