Monday, June 21, 2010

How did I make those baby things? Find out!

Thanks for all wonderful comments about the gifts I made Asha! I am still in the process of several more things. It turns out that I have more fabric than I originally thought I did! Always a good thing. Some of you expressed interest in how to make the things so here are the blogs where I got the tutorials. Now, some of them I didn't follow exactly but that's okay! For the most part, all the tutorials are REALLY easy, even for inexperienced/new sewers! Here they are:

Carseat canopy/cover - I looked at these two websites to make Asha's

Diaper changing pad clutch (This website also has other versions of the clutch. Some are super cute!)

This tutorial is for a diaper clutch without the changing pad. I would suggest putting the Velco a little higher on the part that the flap attaches to. Mine won't quite hold the hard wipes travel cases but not a big deal. I am giving it to Asha and she can use it for organizing her diaper bag :)

The following website is where I got the instructions to make the crib sheet. One note on this is that you have to make sure that it is 45 in wide. I washed the flannel before making it and it got stringy and took off 3 inches total. But I sewed ribbon to the edge to make it the right size again.

The cloth rings and wee wee wigwams are from this website (they are under her baby tag):

Now this is what I am making today: Burp cloths!!! I got the idea for the type I am making from this website:

Now these are some really fun websites and I love looking through the other stuff they make!! They have some really cool things on them so you should check them out! Enjoy! I will post more pics of finished things when I finish them!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Asha's Baby Gifts!

Here is the first installment of pictures of things I have got/made for Asha's little boy that will soon enter this world!

These first pictures are of a diaper clutch/changing pad. It is a changing pad that folds up to hold a couple of diapers and wipes.

This is what it looks like when it is unfolded.

These next pictures are of a carseat canopy for a baby. It blocks the sun, cold, rain, etc.

This next thing is a fitted crib sheet.

These are the shorts I got for Layne.

This next thing is a little pouch I made. It was originally to hold diapers and wipes, but she can use it for anything she wants. It can't hold the hard travel wipes case and still velcro shut (my fault, I placed the Velcro in the wrong spot) but it can hold one of those refill wipes things after some of the wipes have been used. I think it would be good to hold toys or snacks or something as well so the diaper bag can be all organized!

These are wee wee wigwams. You put them over little boys treasures when you change him so that he doesn't accidently spray you in the face. Not sure how well they work but they are easy to make and I had scraps of material so I thought Asha could try them out!

These are cloth chew toys that babies can play with. I showed them to another child out here in Cleveland and she went nuts for it so I guess to a baby they are fun!

Enjoy! I will post more things that I make as I finish them! I am hoping to make some more things tonight but we will see!!

Love you Asha!

5 year Anniversary!

So I know this post is long past due, but the laptop I am on does not have all the pictures I want to add and I am way behind, so I figure I should start somewhere. Hopefully this will lead to the posting addiction I tend to get after I get going again. I always think there is too much to do and never get started... Well that is not going to happen today!

Our 5 year wedding anniversary was on January 14, 2010! I can't believe we have been married for 5 wonderful years!!! Brent and I decided to go to the Melting Pot in SLC because he had won a gift card there during the summer and we had never been. It was AMAZING!! At first, we were like fondu? That doesn't sound too cool, but TRUST me it was! We had three courses: 1st was a cheese sauce that we dipped bread, veggies, and believe it or not apples! 2nd was a broth in which we dipped lots of different meats. 3rd was a chocolate fondue! Let me tell you that is amazing!!!
This is me doing the fondue thing with the cheese course!

This is what the broth looked like (with some potatoes cooking).

There were so many choices! It took us a few hours to have the whole meal but it was worth it and VERY relaxing! It is kinda pricey but wonderful!