Monday, September 5, 2011

I can walk the dog (all by myself)!

So I have SOOOOO many things to post and update. Hopefully I will get to everything, but honestly who knows! I had the pleasure of having my sister, Asha, and nephew, Layne stay with me a few times this summer. Layne LOVED walking Jack. Here are a couple of pics of Layne walking Jack here at our apartment in Orlando.

I LOVE this little boy!!! I miss him so much!

Our Apartment

So this is not the first time Brent has lived in these apartments. So far we like it. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

We have a lake in the middle of the complex. We like to walk Jack around it.

This is our back door. It is nice because we can park right by it (if nobody else is parked there).


So we are in Orlando now! I moved in on August 8th and Brent got here a week ago today. I was able to get a teaching job. I am teaching Kindergarten at Palm Lake Elementary in Orlando! It is so nice to have less students and get to teach them all day! Brent is working for Disney again and is currently working on the Tower of Terror. Probably my least favorite ride but Brent likes it.

So here are some pictures I took the day I got hired. They had the classroom already set-up with other people's things because it was Meet the Teacher night and school started on Monday so they had to make it look like a classroom. I am starting to change things out and will be moving some of the furniture around soon. But it shows kinda what it looks like!

This is the playground for Kindergarten. You can see it out my window.

They didn't have small chairs yet so those are the bigger chairs. We have since switched all the chairs and lowered all the tables.

I kinda miss all the storage I had in my class room in Utah. I have less students but we are able to do more. There isn't much storage space.

We are lucky because we have 5 computers for students and 1 for me!

It is way cool because I also have an Elmo type thing in my classroom. It is a different brand but the same thing. It is hooked up the projector. Also, we have tv, radio, dvd, etc that runs through it as well.