Thursday, July 30, 2009


I am now back in Utah!! I know a shock, I wasn't supposed to be back for another few days but I am back! Someone else booked my flight and I got my itinerary last night just after 8:00 pm (CT time) and it says that I am flying out TODAY at 1:45 pm. So my wonderful friend Ashley helped me pack and clean while our dogs played. We left for the airport at 11:00 AM (CT time) today and landed in SLC at 7:00 pm (Utah time or 9:00 pm CT time). It was a long day but not that bad. Jack and I miss Brent but we know this is for the best.

A funny thing did happen on the flight though. Jack has always been perfectly calm on the plane and doesn't get too upset with flying. He never barks but he does fight getting into his carryon kennel (man that do has STRONG legs!!). The first flight from Hartford to Cincinnati was fine but not long into the flight from Cincinnati to SLC, he started trying to scratch his way out of his kennel. He has never done this before! I got him some ice because he was thirsty and that helped a little. But than it happened again and I got him calmed down. And it happened again! I finally realized what was happening, every time this one stewardess came over the intercom he freaked out. I don't blame him, she like blasted her voice so loud it would shock you sometimes. If anyone else came over he was fine just not with her! He is so happy to be home he just misses his Daddy.

Another funny story: So Jack remembered right where our house was and where things were in the house. He expected everything to be the same. He walked over to the Madsen's place to see Rico not realizing that Rico isn't home yet!

Well it is getting late cause I am still on Ct time! I am going to try and do updates more frequently. We will see how that goes!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recent Projects!

So as many of you know, I have been working on different projects. I know, I know, I need to keep this blog up to date and hopefully I will get better. So this post is of several projects I have recently finished. I have a couple others that are not here but they are on another camera and so they will have to wait.

This is a neck travel pillow I just made. It is super soft and I like the way it fits my neck better than the ones you buy at the store. It was super easy and fast!

This next picture is of some shapes I have made. In a previous post I showed some letters I made out of felt. These are similar but they have quilting batting in them instead of pillow stuffing type stuff (it helps them lay flat). I am hoping to use these for several different activities in my classroom. I am going to make at least one more set in green and maybe add more shapes later. I only show one of each in the picture, but I have three of each shape in each color. I have also made two more sets of letters (red and blue) that are made with the quilting batting because I like that they lay flatter. (I don't currently have a pic of those on here but will soon!) Thanks Asha for your scraps of quilt batting!!

I made my first apron! I love it! It is only a half apron and I got the pattern from the blog Make It and Love It. The first picture shows the cute little pleat I put on the ties. Sorry it is blurry. The next picture is the whole apron. I want to make more! I know the pics aren't the best but they will do. I need a good, cute, easy pattern for a full apron!

The last picture, I know it is side-ways, is of a reversible bag. I got this pattern from Skip to My Lou. The inside is peaking out and as you can see it is striped.

I hope you like them!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hartford, CT

So I know I keep saying I am going to update, and it will happen! I sat down to do it yesterday but I kept getting error messages so I decided to give a little update today. For those of you who don't know, we were transferred to the Hartford, CT office about a month ago. There are tons of fun things to do around here but it rains all the time! I hope to post pics of some of the places we have been to. Jack is happy with the decision (minus the rain) because we live right next to a golf course where he gets to run and play and his best friend, Patch also came to Hartford with us! As a matter of fact the two of them are wrestling right up against my side as I type this! Well if this works, I might get around to blogging more today!