Sunday, February 22, 2009

Atlanta Here We Come!!

Thanks everyone for the get well wishes! I am doing much better.  

In case you haven't hear, we have made a decision on what office we will be going to this summer.  We will be going to Atlanta, GA!  We are going to be in the Atlanta North office with Jared!  This summer is going to be so much fun.  I am excited to be working with my friend Ashley in the office.  Also, so many of our friends are going to be there as well!  Two of Jack's best friends are also going to the same office, Patch and Rico.  We think it is going to be a great summer all around!  

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Strep Throat is No Fun!

Sorry I still have no new pictures to add.  We aren't putting any of the new pics on this laptop anymore and since we are both in school, Brent generally has the other one.  Hopefully one day I will get some fun ones up.  Maybe I can find some old ones on this laptop to share with everyone.  

Anyways... It seems as if my lovely Kindergartners gave me strep throat!  How fun. Not really.  We thought I had the flu because it started with being tired, chills, and a high temperature.  However, when Brent got better and two days and I got sicker, we realized that maybe something else was wrong.  Added to that my throat got sore and became swollen so that it was hard to swallow.  So I started feeling under the weather on Sat, yes that was Valentines but illness does not notice holidays (sadly).  After that, the symptoms really kicked in on Sunday and by Monday (yes another holiday) my temp. was ranging between 102 and 103.6 all day long.  We decided I must see a doctor Tuesday.  That is when I got the news, one look at my throat and the doctor knew I had a "severe case of strep" but she did the throat swab and surprise of all surprises it came back positive.  

It is pretty rough because now my schedule is all messed up.  I am not sure how I will be able to get up early on Friday.  Being sick totally screws everything up! Like for example, on a normal day I would already be falling asleep.  

Now I love the Kindergartners I work with, but this is just not fun.  I was told I could not go back into the classroom until Friday, even though I am feeling fine now that the medicine is in full force.  I guess my immune system is too beat up to take being around kiddos right now.  I sure do miss them though!  But the saddest part is now I have to make up my three missed days when my sisters come to visit!  I hope we can still have so much fun though! 

The good news about the situation:  I am getting homework done early so I will have less to do later!  Hopefully I can get a good chunk of it done so that I won't have the added stress later.  Also, I am getting a few extra things done, well as much as I can do before I get tired.  Like tonight I put up a little coat rack on the wall next to the back door.  I did it all by myself!  But now I am tired.  

Sorry if this post is complainy but it really sucks being sick. And now I am slowly feeling better but can't get back to my normal schedule.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry there has been no update lately.  I just wanted to update everyone and let you know that we are doing well.  Brent and I are both in school.  I am in my last semester so I am really busy student teaching.  I absolutely LOVING being in Kindergarten!!!! Jack is growing and is now a whopping 11.5 lbs! Can you believe it???

Soon we will be picking a new place to live for the summer for Brent's job and that will be exciting for us.  But other than that we are just super busy with school and the rest of our life! I hope to do another update soon!