Sunday, May 25, 2014

Little Miss' doll

So I made my niece a doll for Christmas.  It wasn't too hard but not super easy either.  I looked at lost of tutorials I found on Pintrest and came up with my own.  
First, I drew the shape I wanted the doll to be.  

Next, I cut out the fabric (both pieces at the same time). 

I sewed around the edge leaving a whole at the top of the head.  I then turned it right side out. 

You can see the hole I left in the next picture.  

Next, I stuffed the doll and sewed up the top.  I don't always do a pretty job.  I wasn't worried about this because I knew I would be putting hair on the doll.  

This is the doll before I added anything.  It's not too bad. 

Next, I cut out hair out of fleece.  It's softer than felt (which is what most people use) and solid so she couldn't tangle her little fingers in yarn.  It is two pieces that I sewed together.  I put a couple stitches in to keep it on her head.  

Next, I sewed on blue buttons for eyes. 

I attempted to make a dress.  I liked it until this point.  She doesn't care, but next time I hope to make better clothes.  

I also used a scrap to make a little blanket for the doll.  

And.....She loved it!

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Betty-Lu Burton said...

What a cute idea and so creative