Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Tea

Since it is Mother's Day today, Happy Mother's Day to all you Mother's out there!  I am going to jump a head to this past Friday.  At school, all the Kindergarten classes held a Mother's Day Tea for all the moms of the students in our class.  Three teachers held theirs on Thursday and the other three of us on Friday.  It was a lot of work, but worth it!  The moms loved it and so did the kids.  Here are some of the pictures of what it looked like.  I can't put pictures that have students in them so all these pictures are before the actual  event.  

These first two pictures are of the signs my class wrote to put on the door about a week before the Mother's Day Tea.  They are telling the moms to stay out because we are making surprises for them.  

This is the backdrop the students painted.

The flower pictures in the background were made when they were in art class.  The papers around those are a writing activity that the class did about what their "mommy always says."
We did a program for the mothers'  That row of chairs is where the students were.  There were 5 students standing behind the chairs six sitting in the chairs and six sitting on the ground.  The class each recited a line from a poem and than we sang some songs.  One of the little girls also read a poem.

This is where the mothers sat.  On the chairs are the gifts the students made. There is a recipe book of how the children think their moms make their favorite foods (I would NEVER eat anything that was made from this cookbook!), a book with how they drew themselves each month this year, a tile they painted that has a clothespin glued to the back to hold a picture or note, a coupon book, a card, and a painted butterfly.

We had refreshments at the end.

It was quite fun and even with all the stress, it was worth it!  I don't have pictures of the paintings the students did of their mothers.  On the back of the paintings, I glued a survey the kids filled out about their mothers.  It asked questions like, What is your mother's name? How old is she? What makes her happy? What makes her angry? Where is here favorite place to eat? Etc.

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SO fun! Love the idea!