Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fun Christmas ornaments!

This past Christmas, I was in charge of an activity for YW.  We made different ornaments. Below are some of the samples I made. I got the idea from Pintrest.

This first one is taking a clear glass bulb and squeezing paint inside it.  As it dried, the paint moved around. If you rolled it to different sides, it changed the paint.  I put too much in thinking I didn't have enough so it took longer to dry. It looked really cool when it was finished. 

This next one is a christmas tree made out of buttons.  I hot glued them onto a white piece of cloth.  I put this into a frame. 

The next idea I remember doing in elementary school.  I took puzzle pieces and made a wreath. I used pieces with green on them, but some of the girls actually painted their's green. I would have made it a little thicker if I did it again. The holly is red sequins. 

This next one took patience but looked really cool when it was finished. You take a ribbon and little beads and string a clear piece of string through them. You have to make each one a little smaller or bigger than the last one (depending upon if you are starting at the top or bottom). When you are finished, you push a metal ornament hook through it so you can hang it on the tree.  

We had a lot of fun. I hope to make more this next year or even learn how to do different ones as well.

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