Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our First Grade Garden

So these next few posts have been halfway done for awhile. I get the pictures ready on my app but then like to type using the computer. I finally finished them! 

In first grade, we plant a community garden.  This year, due to many factors, we only planted beans and radishes.  My class planted the back row of beans and the right side of the radishes. I don't think I got any pictures of the plants as they got bigger.  I will have to go back and check. 

In this next picture, it is a close-up of radish plants.  You can see the red part of the radish right at the soil. 

Below are close-ups of the bean plants. The tan things hanging on the stem just below the leaves are what is left of the seed. 

We also had a rain gauge. Students thought it was interesting to see how the rain fall could differ. 

Students would come outside and record using pictures and words the changes they noticed in the garden. We would often discuss what they saw. Also, at the end, students got to take home radishes and beans to eat with their families. They thought it was so cool to pick them!

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